Faraday Plugin pcap

Hi Faraday Crew/ Friends,

I am new to Faraday. Using 3.7 with Kali Linux.
Trying to import a local pcap file using Pcap plugins as show on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwh-T9HoIZY when i use plugins , it has ask for user name and password ( --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD after that i getting credential error though username and password is correct. Not sure what is wrong here… Please advise or any thoughts greatly save my time :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot. – Chandra

just noticed, have to change to path to – > / usr/share/python-faraday/bin
After that use https

./fplugin import_pcap -u -w demo_one /test.pcap --username faraday --password faraday

Hope this helps some one :slight_smile: